Core Team

We all can work, but together we win as team has 9 dedicated team members where constantly providing the trade business reports of worldwide films. We collect the information from various sources such as print media (Magazines, Newspapers), TV News, Internet based websites.

Team Members:

Content Writers:

Anudeep Challa

Anudeep is a team player and his skills to write a content on box office business and growth of national and international markets of the movies. He will ensure to deliver the updated numbers in depth analytics.

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Shashidhar – He will write a articles on latest film updates such as upcoming movies, pre-predictions, schedules etc. He also creates comparison matrix between latest movies as per trending news.

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Chaitanya Reddy – Movie critic and reviewer, Chaitanya is movie lover and loves to watch movie on very first day first show as and when movie released. he has good knowledge on movies since a long while and makes him to write a quality and justified, genuine review and ratings based on public talk & story.

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Kishore AVNK

Kishore writes content of top grosser’s and highest earners, all time records information- having good interest on giving best out of many – we see very rare quality and something fresh.

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Ramakrishna Kopuri

RK is a enthusiastic person, always he loves and ensure what he does. he writes updated box office earnings and cover up business of all regional languages (Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada etc).

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Technical Team Members:

Database Administrator –

Avinash VM

He is having almost 5+ years of experience in managing the database, he is working for one of the reputed private company and simultaneously with us. appreciate his hard work and for his attention at work.

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Website Developer / UI Designer – 

Girish Bhavanari

I would say – key person of this site – without him – there is no outcome/ appearance. he always trying to design the best look and feel for We love the Design too !

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Promotions / Social Media Engage –

Mallikarjuna Reddy

He is holding 4+ years of experience in marketing and 2+ years in managing social networking sites. he completely handover the major part of the work.

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SEO Manager –

Siva Pathipati

Heart of this site in one word – He optimise the content before publishing on live. Siva make sure the content and site is seo friendly and responsive.

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We would thank to each one of you and content providers where collecting business figures from various sources.