Singam 3 (Si3) 3rd/4th Day Collection: 3/4 Days Collections – Total Worldwide Business


Singam 3 (Si3) 3rd/4th Day Collection: Singam 3 is roaring at the Tamil box office and going well across worldwide. As we all knew that before hitting the big screens, the movie dates have changed multiple times. It has created some disappointment among Suriy’s fans. Finally, Si3 has been released on Thrusday. On its opening day, the movie has occupied 60% of the screens across Tamilnadu. Occupancy rate shows the amount of grip & craze does Singam held in public. Even it’s got recorded pre-booking’s before release and most of the theaters, multiplexes holds houseful.

This is a challenging project for actor Suriya and film director to make or do some magic, which should be not there in previous parts of Singam. As it has huge expectations from general public and fans as well. Of course movie mets their expectations and might be beyond as per the first day collections buzz of Singam 3. On its first day it has crossed 20 Cr worldwide, which includes overseas income of Rs.30 Lakhs.

On Friday, the movie is minted the business of Rs.12 Cr across India and earned 2 Cr in overseas. Next day, it enters into a weekend that is Saturday and Sunday. Time to make some growth in earning’s during weekends and most the people had a good time to watch the film. The movie word of mouth is positive and it helps to tweaks high numbers at the box office. Si3 has got good reviews from critics on opening day.

The filmmakers are happy to see such an opening’s on the first day of release after so many postpones. The film occupancy on Saturday is increased 30% of previous days that is Friday. On the 3rd day Singam 3 has collected the amount of Rs.13.67 Cr from Tamilnadu,Kerala and 2 Cr from AP/T Telugu states, overseas 1.8 Cr, made worldwide total collections as Rs.17.45 Cr gross.

On the Sunday that is the 4th day of release, it gained less occupancy compare to Saturday and there is a drop of 10% occupancy. The movie is collected on 4th day is Rs.10.30 Cr from Tamilnadu,Kerala. 1.5 Cr from Telugu states, overseas it earns Rs. 1.2 Cr, made total income of national and international Rs.13 Cr gross. But some areas Today’s figures (Sunday) yet to come. Please have some patience, soon we try to share the overall collections of the 1st week as quickly as possible.

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