Guru 2nd Day / 3rd Day Collection AP & Telangana

Venkatesh’s Guru 1st Day / First Day Collection AP & Telangana
Venkatesh’s Guru 1st Day / First Day Collection AP & Telangana

Guru 2nd Day / 3rd Day Collection AP & Telangana Total Collections India

Venkatesh gives his profession best execution with this film. Master is unquestionably Venkatesh Chak De of his vocation as his enthusiastic and adjusted execution will simply overwhelm you. Venkatesh gives away superfluous courage and lets Ritika Sing become the dominant focal point. Venkatesh feelings and the way he sets up a battle with his inconspicuous yet extraordinary feelings till the last scence indicates what a performer like him can pull off if given a decent subject.

Master is in fact an exceptionally solid film. Credit ought to go to executive Sudha Kongara for adhering to the story and exhibiting the film in a reasonable way. Creation estimations of the film are first rate as the taking care of set and reality in the film have been appeared stunningly. Discoursed are choice and the way the film pushes forward with tunes out of sight is great. Music by Santosh Narayanan is tolerable however his experience score hoists the film to another level.

Guru 2nd Day / 3rd Day Collection

Master is unquestionably Venkatesh’s vocation best execution to date. The star legend shows others how its done and demonstrates what sort of movies an on-screen character in his age ought to endeavor. The extraordinary dramatization, Ritika Singh’s Performance, and scandalous fights are enormous resources. Master will without a doubt be enjoyed by the abroad gathering of people for its class taking yet we have to perceive how the masses grasp it. On the off chance that you overlook the somewhat moderate pace all over, Guru is one film which will without a doubt inspire you and winds up as an engaging watch this late spring.

Guru 2 Days Collections in AP/T – 2.6 Cr

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